The Accountants' Table


Hi, I'm Tim English

...and I'm the founder of the Accountants' Table...and I'm passionate about helping accountants get the practice that they want.

I ran my own practice for 11 years before selling it successfully in 2021.

In a nutshell, I formed The Accountants' Table as I wish it was something that was around when I had my practice.

Also, I know running a practice can be a lonely place at times.

To put it simply, The Accountants’ Table is a growth, support and mentoring group for accountants... that is completely unique.

As a member of The Accountants' Table, we will help you make the changes you know you need to make in your practice, provide accountability and open your eyes to better ways of working and attracting the clients that you want to work with.

It is a place to strengthen and grow your practice, which is completely unique. 

With all the challenges that are being thrown at the profession, and the pressures of running an accountancy practice, being part of The Accountants' Table also provides a support that is second to none.

Join The Accountants' Table

What’s included in The Accountants’ Table?

The Accountants’ Table has been designed for maximum impact and assisting actual change and practice growth and includes:

  • A monthly group virtual table lasting one and a half hours
  • A one hour individual coaching session every month
  • Access to The Accountants’ Table social media community
  • A support network of accountants
  • Accountability to help make the changes you know you need to make in your practice
  • CPD qualifying learning to keep you up to date with your governing body


How it works:

Virtual Tables

The virtual tables consist of a monthly group session lasting one and a half hours, with a maximum of 10 accountants on the table.

At every session, members will have the opportunity to bring to the table issues that they are facing for advice, feedback, encouragement and support.

The other part of the session consists of interactive teaching from Tim on a specific topic every month, to help you deal with the challenges that accountancy practice owners face.

It is a place where we want to encourage sharing to help each other and because of this, we will try our very best to ensure that there are no other practices within 15 miles of your practice on your table.


A monthly one to one coaching session

In addition, you will also have available to you a monthly one hour, one to one coaching session with Tim English the founder of The Accountants’ Table who ran a successful accountancy practice for 11 years before selling the practice in 2021.

Running an accountancy practice can be a lonely place and this hour can be used to discuss any issues you are currently facing, tap into Tim’s knowledge or whatever you want. This is your hour!!


Support Network

Furthermore, you will have access to the social media community of The Accountants’ Table and be part of a support network of accountants.


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